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The sea around Bonaire and Klein Bonaire is protected and managed by STINAPA, (Marine National Park Foundation of Banoire). The Marine Park includes all the waters surrounding Bonaire and Klein Bonaire, from the high-tide mark to 60 meters (200 feet) of depth. This is an area of about 27 kmĀ² (6672 acres) and includes the coral reef, sea grass and mangroves. Lac and Klein Bonaire are both a RAMSAR site and therefore internationally recognized as important wetlands areas.
All users of the Marine Park must pay an entrance fee. Known as the Nature Fees, these are once yearly charges of U.S. $25 for SCUBA divers and U.S. $10 for other users. A $10 one-day pass for SCUBA divers is also available. The Nature Fee can be paid at dive centers, the activity desks of hotels, through providers of activities in the Bonaire National Marine Park.

other important rules within Bonaire Marine Park:
* Spear fishing and the possession of spear fishing equipment is prohibited.
* It is prohibited to remove anything, alive or dead, from the Bonaire Marine Park
* the use of gloves is prohibited.
* Anchoring is not allowed.
* Kite surfing is forbidden on the waters of Lac.
* The use of chemical light sticks is prohibited in the Bonaire National Marine Park
* Brng any animals or plants into the park
* Do not discard matches or cigarettes
* Caturing, harassing, killing and/or distrubirg any of the animals or plants is prohibited

Cruise Type Adult Children(3-12) Baby(0-3)
Standard Cruse $50 $35 $0
For cruise lines $30 $30 $0
Diving tour $100 $60 -
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Unique & comfortable boat

This is realy amazing glass bottom boat! Diving gives exellent impressions, but requires special equipment, long training and ideal health of diver. Submarines are great, but very expensive in use and it isn't good idea for people having claustrophobia. Ordinary glass bottom boats have narrow field of view, because their bottom glasses are flat and small. Besides, the speed of such boats is very low. "Ojo de Mar" high-speed boat with a huge glass bottom, giving a sense of complete presence in the stunning underwater world of the Caribbean Sea!

Jose Manuel Teneo (Caracas, Venezuela)

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