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The tour aboard our glass bottom boat consists of three parts. First, a ride to a place most attractive from the point of view of marine flora and fauna. Then, a slow cruise along the shore, where beautiful corals are located, with two snorkeling stops on one of the many Bonaire reefs to appreciate the marine world and its main features. Snorkeling equipment including fins is available. During the excursion you will be informed about the most beautiful inhabitants of the sea. You will learn different types of corals by looking at the pictures hanging near your seats and then observing them in their natural habitat through the glass bottom.

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Navigation Rules

Ojo de Mar international B.V, has all the required permits to provide tourist services in Bonaire: trade license, boat registration, liability insurance etc.

Special service for –°ruise Lines

This service for cruise liner passengers consists of offering a fantastic view of the beautiful and well preserved coral reefs found around Bonaire.

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Unique & comfortable boat

This is realy amazing glass bottom boat! Diving gives exellent impressions, but requires special equipment, long training and ideal health of diver. Submarines are great, but very expensive in use and it isn't good idea for people having claustrophobia. Ordinary glass bottom boats have narrow field of view, because their bottom glasses are flat and small. Besides, the speed of such boats is very low. "Ojo de Mar" high-speed boat with a huge glass bottom, giving a sense of complete presence in the stunning underwater world of the Caribbean Sea!

Jose Manuel Teneo (Caracas, Venezuela)

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