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Ojo de Mar is a glass bottom sightseeing commercial hydrofoil boat that offers best in class upscale passenger experience. Created with passenger needs in mind, Ojo de Mar is strategically equipped with all passenger essentials for a full day on the water. It is capable to transport 20 passengers on board comfortably when powered by a Mercury 300-horsepower outboard engine.

Frequently asked questions about our glass bottom boats

– Can I break the bottom glass?
– Bottom glass of our boat made of ultra-durable modified acrylic. It's more solid than fiberglass boat hull. So it's impossible to brake the glass while cruising or on occasion.
– What will happen if the bottom glass is broken however?
– Each our boat has 3 hermetic buoyancy tanks which make it unsinkable. So every boat even without bottom glass and fully loaded is able to reach the shore in 10 knots speed without help. – What's the seaworthiness of your boat?
– Our glass bottom boats have great seaworthiness in rough sea. Ojo de Mar has been tested in comparison with ordinary 30 ft boat and showed much more comfort in the waves of 1 meter height.
– Can the hydrofoil be damaged?
– Hydrofoil of our boats is very solid and it can be damaged only in the case of collusion with barrier in max speed.
– What's the fuel consumption?
– Our boat has the best fuel consumption in the class 50 lit. /100 km (4.7 mpg or 30lit. /hour).
– What is the corrosion resistance of your boat?
– Glass bottom boats are made of special sea aluminum alloy of great corrosion resistance. More over all the boats equipped with anti-corrosion zinc anodes.

  • length 11.8 meters
  • Up to 20 passengers
  • 4 cruises everyday
  • Personal transfer
  • Souvenirs
  • Underwater shooting

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Unique & comfortable boat

This is realy amazing glass bottom boat! Diving gives exellent impressions, but requires special equipment, long training and ideal health of diver. Submarines are great, but very expensive in use and it isn't good idea for people having claustrophobia. Ordinary glass bottom boats have narrow field of view, because their bottom glasses are flat and small. Besides, the speed of such boats is very low. "Ojo de Mar" high-speed boat with a huge glass bottom, giving a sense of complete presence in the stunning underwater world of the Caribbean Sea!

Jose Manuel Teneo (Caracas, Venezuela)

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